# Platform Updates

This page shows the platform updates of OpenAPIHub.

# Latest Updates

OpenAPIHub is enhanced to become FabriXAPI in August 2023! As FabriXAPI is the NextGen of OpenAPIHub, you can still log in to FabriXAPI with your existing OpenAPIHub credentials.

On FabriXAPI, API Providers can:

  1. Create your own branded API Portal (opens new window) with branded Developer Admin Portal for your API users.
  2. Get information of API Users (opens new window) who have registered/logged in on your API Portal.
  3. Send your API Portal link (opens new window) to any email address with handy invitation feature in Provider Admin Portal.
  4. Invite API user (opens new window) to subscribe to a specific API plan of yours.
  5. Handle payment collections offline (opens new window) using your preferred methods such as bank transfer or separate payment links.
  6. Configure if API users require your approval before starting their API subscriptions (opens new window). (Available in Standard Flow payment collection approach only)
  7. Set up to 2000 Unlisted Plan (opens new window) for specific API Users.
  8. Terminate or stop renewal (opens new window) of subscription contract of your API users.